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Thank you for visiting our web site. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) became effective in May 2018. With that in mind, we would like you to understand how we collect, store and use your personal data.


Collection of your personal information


In order to provide the professional service you require from us, we need to ask you for some personal information. We may ask for your basic contact information (such as name, telephone numbers, postal and email addresses). We may also ask for variable additional information that we need in order to provide the professional service that you require from us.


Storage, processing and retention of your information


Information we hold may be stored on computer or written project notes in a typical secure office environment. We retain your information for as long as reasonably necessary to provide our products and services to you, and to maintain records to satisfy tax and other legal requirements.


Sharing your personal information


Your personal information will be used by us solely for the purpose of directly servicing your needs. Very occasionally we may need to share some of your information in order to complete our service obligations to you - for example, we may need to share your contact details in order that a third party can deliver a product to you. Apart from where necessary to fulfill our service obligations to you, or where necessary to satisfy tax and other legal requirements, your information will never be shared or sold for commercial gain.


Your rights with respect to the information we hold


You are entitled to access the personal information that we hold about you. If any information we hold is inaccurate you can ask us to correct it. You can also ask us to delete your information - we will do this unless it prevents us fulfilling our service obligations to you or meeting any tax, legal or regulatory obligations.


Communication preferences


We may contact you by telephone, post or email in order to provide you with a full and professional service. This could be to directly service your individual needs, or for more general communications that we think might be of benefit to you. We do not operate any form of mass postal, telephone or email marketing. You can ask that we do not send you communications using any of the contact details we hold on our records.




Use of web site - cookies


We use standard ‘Google Analytics’ to gather information about how our web site is used. We do not knowingly use any other form of tracking or cookies, although since the site is built on the Wix platform they may set additional cookies that we are not aware of and that are outside of our control. Google Analytics tracks visits to our web site, and gives us statistical information such as how many times our site is viewed, which pages are seen and what browsers people use to view the site. We cannot and do not identify individual visitors to the site. We use the general information provided to ensure the site is relevant, easy to use and effective and to improve it for future visitors. You can find out more about google analytics here :


Use of Google Analytics may result in cookies being placed on your computer. A cookie is a small computer file containing information that a web site transfers to your computer when you visit a web site. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies but can set your browser to reject cookies if you wish (please refer to your browser use instructions or help guide). You can also find out more about cookies here:


Use of web site - general


We have taken great care in the design, content and presentation of this web site in order to give you an accurate and fair reflection of our services. If you are in any doubt about whether our services are appropriate for your needs please contact us. Site content is not to be reproduced without our prior permission.


Use of web site - contact form


If you use the contact form to contact us, the information you enter into the form is sent to us as a standard email. We receive and store that information on an office computer. We will use that information to respond to your request.





'The Village Book’ shall be defined as the trading name of Worker Bee Publishing Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales with company number 6932130.


'The Business' shall be defined as Worker Bee Publishing Ltd., and shall include any other related trading styles.


'The Publication' shall be defined as The Village Book magazine which is published and distributed 6 times per year.


'The Client' shall be defined as the person or company with whom goods and/or services are to be supplied.


'Goods and/or services' shall be known to be any item which The Business supplies to any of its Clients for which it is agreed that charges may or may not be applicable. Without limitation, advertising space, graphic and creative design services are included in this definition.


Copy Deadline and formats


The copy deadline for all advertisements and editorial features is as stated in the submission dates deadline published on this website. It is usually around the 10th of every other month (January, March, May, July, September, November). It cannot be guaranteed that copy received after this date will be included in The Publication, although every effort will be made to accommodate late requests.


All advertisements created by The Business will be proofed to The Client prior to publication. It is The Client’s responsibility to ensure that any copy proofed and approved is accurate, legal and copyright free. The Business takes no responsibility for loss or damage resulting in an advert being incorrect, having been proofed and approved by The Client.


Copy can be supplied in any of the accepted formats as detailed in the ‘Supplying Advert Artwork’ section of The Village Book website. Ensure supplied copy for advertisements is the correct size and of high resolution (300dpi).


The Business reserves the right to refuse advertisements which may be defamatory or offensive, or which promote products that many be considered indecent or illegal.


The Business makes no guarantee that advertising will be successful. For the best chance of success, The Business recommends that advertising is booked for three or more issues; it is a proven theory that repetition brings familiarity.


Copyright of advertisements


The copyright of advertisements designed by The Business on The Client’s behalf is owned solely by The Business.


The Business may provide copies/proofs of the advertisement for approval by The Client prior to publication, but this does not infer in any way ownership or permission of this copy/proof for use by The Client, and as such must not be stored, either digitally or physically, by The Client once approval has been given, nor reproduced or redistributed to third parties without permission of The Business.


If The Client wishes to use advertisements designed by The Business in other publications, The Client will be required to ask permission of The Business, which should be given in writing, and a release fee may be charged. The Business reserves the right to charge a fee of not more than £100 where permission has not been obtained to use the advert in other publications and publication of that advert occurs.


The advert design fee for Clients is £25.


Whilst Clients are able to change their advert on a per issue basis, for Clients which have used the advert design service and who wish to change their advert an amendment fee may be charged if the changes are deemed significant, the fee not to exceed the cost of the initial advert design fee stated above.


Invoicing and payment


All invoices raised by The Business shall become due for payment by the date shown on the invoice, unless consent is expressly given in writing to The Client for an extension of this period, or terms of any account facility between The Business and The Client expressly states.


Invoices which are overdue for a period in excess of fourteen days from the invoice due date for any services will be subject to credit control procedures which may or may not include the filing of a County Court Order.


The Business reserves the right to charge The Client for any external credit control services used in relation to recovery of The Client’s outstanding debt and The Business also reserves the right to charge compound interest on any debts older than fourteen days from the due date on the invoice.




Advertising space should be cancelled either in writing or by electronic communication, by the copy deadline of the issue preceding publication.


Late cancellation may result in full payment being levied on The Client.


Clients and their customers


The Business takes no part in the contract between The Client and their customers. Readers of the magazine are reminded that The Business accepts no liability for loss, damage or difficulties resulting from contracts between The Client and their customers, nor from errors, omissions or claims made by Clients.


Inclusion within the Publication does not imply a recommendation.

Any issue resolution remains between The Client and their customer, and The Business will accept no responsibility in establishing this resolution process.


The Business reserves the right to remove any advertisements for Clients who are deemed to bring The Publication into disrepute or which have been requested to be removed by the relevant legal or regulatory authorities without notice and without recourse. Refunds will not be made, and full payment may still be levied on the Client for the period booked.


Data Protection


All details of Clients are kept strictly confidential and will never be passed to a third-party (unless required to do so under legal or regulatory statute).


Contact details of Clients (apart from those established in The Publication) will not be provided to third-parties without prior consent of The Client.




These Terms and Conditions are formed under the laws of England and Wales and any legal claim shall be made in a court via the legal system of England and Wales.


Copyright Notice


The written and visual content of The Village Book magazine (The Publication) and The Village Book website are protected by copyright and are owned entirely by Worker Bee Publishing Ltd. (The Business). You may not reproduce or redistribute any articles, adverts, content or design, either online or in print or digital media, either whole of part thereof, without first obtaining written permission from the Editor. Failure to obtain written permission from the Editor will result in legal action where full costs will be covered by any person(s) or business found using copyright material.


In addition, a full apology must be published in the publication or website accused of utilising material owned by The Business. The apology text must be approved in full by the Editor of The Business. Failure to comply will result in further legal action where full costs will be covered by any person(s) or business found using copyright material.


The unique combination of fonts, images, colours, sizes, typography, and positioning ("the design") of The Village Book magazine (The Publication), The Village Book website and The Village Book marketing and/or advertising material is copyright and may not be reproduced.


Changes to Terms and Conditions


The Business, at all times, reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions set out herein this document without prior written notice to any of its Clients and any subsequent changes will become applicable immediately. No claims will be entered into which may not have been applicable in previous revisions of this document which are subsequently made provision for. Any claims by any Client will only be acceptable on grounds outside the current revision of this document. The Business will, at all times, where reasonably possible, make available for viewing its Terms and Conditions through its website.



Policy Updates

We may make changes and updates to these policies without giving notice as and when we need to. Our most up to date policies will be available on our web site.


More information

If you require any clarification about our GDPR, privacy, data handling, web policies or terms and conditions please contact us for assistance.


e & oe.

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